I love to cook, I love to photograph and I love to eat. This week I teamed up with Culiniste to do all of the above. I also love businesses that add something to my life. Culiniste saves you money, saves you time and saves you from making bad choices at the supermarket.

Who are they? Culiniste is grocery delivery service, and so much more.

I visited their warehouse in Montreal where they were busy cooking new recipes and dividing fresher than fresh ingredients into a sea of boxes, ready to arrive on doorsteps the next day.

Culiniste does ample research to find out what recipes are popular and ultimately healthy, with special regard to lean proteins and vegetarian dishes. Each recipe averages 500-700 calories. Alterations are made to each dish before it arrives on the Culiniste menu, to make sure it will be a favourite.

Each ingredient is portioned so that nothing goes to waste. I can’t stand going to the store for an exotic ingredient that I’m likely to use once in 6 months, and let the rest go to waste. Culiniste solves the issue of wasted food and wasted money.

I’m not kidding when I say it felt like Christmas. Inside, carefully wrapped and labelled, was everything I needed to make three healthy, easy and delicious meals. The step by step recipe cards tell you exactly what to do and offers tips on how to do it best.

How do you start? Visit to register. Each week you’ll chose three meal options which are delivered to your door. Don’t worry if you're not home, the boxes are chilled appropriately so that nothing will go bad while you're out. Going on vacation? They’re flexible and you can skip at any time.

I'm sharing below a follow-along in the kitchen of my first Culiniste experience. Let this be a preview to what kind of fresh produce and ingredients will come in your box and what your plate might look like.

Special thanks to the guys over at Culiniste who are offering my readers a discount of $20 on their first box using the code 'emilie20'.

Visit them at

Happy cooking!