Cuba March 2016

There are a few very important things that I look forward to every year when I'm not focused on work. One of those things would be taking the time research a new country to explore and bring it home in my camera. I don't pine over souvenirs as much as when I was young because my memory card is full of them. God forbid my camera was stolen on vacation, I wouldn't stress over the camera nearly as much as the photos on it, what a nightmare! But I won't think about that now.

We spent a full week in Cuba and did it the best way I could think of. Resorts are one thing but I'm so happy that we decided to rent a car and freely roam what we could in the time that we had. We spent 2 nights in Varadero, 2 in Havana, 2 in Viñales and back to Varadero for the last night before our flight home.

What did I learn and hope you know if you're heading to Cuba? Ham and cheese sandwiches are served everywhere. If you stay with locals you'll be served a huge amount of the most amazing fruit. Viñales is break taking for the mountains and can't be missed. Havana is like stepping back in time, one of my favourite moments was sitting on the Malecón at sunset with a few cans of cerveza. Learn some Spanish or be prepared to speak French, not many people could speak english. Drink many many mojitos.

I feel fresh after a quick escape, ready to tackle what looks like an amazing 2016 season!