Photographers on Vacation

Amidst the wedding season I'm lucky to have a weekend off some years to visit Erin's cottage, something we've been doing since we were teenagers. I don't go on any trips without a camera or two (I try to limit myself), which made me think of an interesting dilemma that photographers are all too familiar with. Others can relate.

While visiting New England I was scrutinized at the beach for living the beautiful day through my camera and not being involved in what I photographed. I was enjoying myself but my urgency to capture everything (envisioning the blog post about the beach, while on the beach) was absurd. I think everyone who has an Instagram account can relate, yes?

I made a conscious effort to get those photographic memories on vacation and enjoy the vacation all at once. It's a bit tricky to find the balance but it's important that you do, professional photographer or not. You can't boast about being at the beach if you didn't experience it.

What helped, and I mean changed my traveling experience completely, was finding the right camera. Take note, having the right camera for the right situation is crucial.

Slugging around a DSLR is an utter nuisance on vacation given that you walk for hours, rent a bike, go shopping, dress up for dinner. No. No no no.

Last summer I invested in a compact camera that's portable without compromising quality. It's expensive for the non photographer, but there are solutions for everyone given you've done some research.

Here's a taste of what last weekend looked like for me, thanks in immense part to my x100s (and wonderful friends). In short: Tanning by the lake, horses by the road, homemade meals, caesars, and pretty insects. What you don't see is me feeding the horses (one grinned at me, either in welcome or threat), swimming in the lake, peddle boating near a nest of Osprey, or getting at least 50 more freckles on my arms. No photos of this, but you know what, that's okay.

Enjoy your weekend!