Cindy + Eric Married

Cindy and I have been discussing her wedding day since I met the two for our engagement shoot well over a year ago. The shoot was a gift from one of her dear friends after Eric presented the rock (and what a rock!)

They were at first telling me that the wedding would not be until 2014 (on the day of their anniversary), but shortly after the engagement shoot I got an excited call informing that that they were too excited, it would be 2013! This type of enthusiasm followed over the coming months. Once the day finally arrived I was thrilled. I loved the yellow fields and the overcast day. The scenerie is how I picture a romance novelling setting in! One of my favourite Eric quotes towards the end of the night must have been, “Listen, you’ve been pushing us around all day... Let’s take shots!” as tequila was passed around.

Not only did Cindy and Eric manage a wedding, they also moved into their first home together. That is something to admire and I am so happy for them.

Congratulations C+E and thank you to Roxanne Ross for her assistance shooting this one with me!