Bridal Shower Inspiration 2015

My season begins next month and I've been keeping busy with weddings on a much more personal level in the meantime. I'll be attending 3 weddings as a guest in 2015, two of which I'll be in the bridal party! This means bachelorettes and bridal showers. It's incredibly fun to see another side of the field and do something other than photo for a minute.

For example, last weekend we arranged Stephanie's Bridal Shower. Luckily for us, my mother is an illustrator who works with couple's to dress up their invitations, signage, table cards, and much more. To elevate the party we incorporated tulips into the decor and printed the invitation and game cards using this signature flower, painted just for her. It's one thing to throw a party but it's another to make the bride-to-be feel that it's unique!

My talented friend and colleague in the wedding industry, Katrina Schaller of Deka Events (planner and coordinator) works closely with graphic and traditional artists to give her clients this special attention. If you're planning a special party for someone special, give her a call.

Illustration: Joanna Olson

Photography and graphic design below: Emilie Olson

Wedding Planner and Coordinator mentioned: Deka Events