Alexandra + Jeremy: Married

I've known Alex for quite some time. She's been a bridesmaid that I've photographed, hired me for portraits at her parent's veterinarian clinic, and eventually Jeremy came into the picture and her own wedding was the topic of discussion. Through it all I consider her a dear friend. No matter what we were working on, Alex is always phenomenally passionate! It's the best client I could ask for because it fuels the fire on my end as well.

Alex always wanted a dream wedding (I think she got it!) and she ended the night by telling everyone that dreams do come true because they found each other.

Katrina of Deka Events and I spent a lot of time mulling over the details, the work her and Alex put into this day is extraordinary. Congratulations Alex + Jeremy, it's been a dream for me working with you!

Event Planning and Coordination: Deka Events

Venue: Auberge des Gallant