Vanessa + Matthew | Married

It's a joy and a thrill to share this gorgeous Old Port Steakhouse wedding with the world today, featuring an amazing couple whom I adored becoming friends with throughout the process!

I've said it before but I'm not able to get over it, Vanessa is a movie star isn't she? A beautiful girl in and out. Matthew was nothing but charming, and looked at Vanessa like she was the only woman in the room. I hear they've been together a long time, how lucky are those to have met at a young time in their lives.

The Old Port Steakhouse made for a perfect backdrop! Such an elegant and timeless building. There was an awesome team behind the day. As always, Astilbe blows my mind with their floral arrangements, this bouquet is to die for. I was happy to meet and work with Entertainment Stars, who as you can see got everyone on their feet throughout the entire reception and having the best time.

Thank you endlessly V+M!

I wish you so many happy years and exciting chapters together, I hope I get to see more of them as the years roll by!

Flowers | Astilbe

Venue | Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Dress | Anne Jean-Michel

DJ | Entertainment Stars

Limo | Michel Limousine Service

Michelle + James | Married

You might remember M + J from my blog last fall when I shared their engagement session, their Golden Retriever Piper shared the limelight then and again now for their wedding day, playing the part of the flower girl!

This couple is the epitome of relationship-goals. They met at a very early age in their lives. They've lived through hardships, and many big, exciting chapters together. They've bought a house, welcomed two rescued dogs into their home, and now they've tied the knot. Watching James sing two songs to Michelle at their wedding, and Michelle singing along while wiping away tears; you just know this is a couple who're going to make it. Not just through the easy or exciting times but through the difficult ones too. You don't meet people as genuine as this every day.

There also couldn't have been a stronger team behind this wedding! They choose some of the best talents in Montreal to help piece it all together, Michelle herself (who is a Graphic artist), designed the most gorgeous invitations!

 I wish these two only the best and happiest moments to come in their lives, and couldn't be prouder to be part of this team!


Venue | Auberge des Gallants 

Coordination and decor installation | Deka Events

Flowers | Que Passent Les SaisonS

Invitations/graphic design | Michelle White-Stosik

Dress | Mikaella by Paloma Blanca, Chateau de la Mariée Nadia

Hair styling | Tara Kieran

Hair colour | Andrew Gilbert, Oligo Professionnel

Makeup | Vanessa Muoio

DJ | Eric The Tutor

Live music | Duo Musical Cameleon

Cake | Kristin Buratti

Cookies | Decadent Dough MTL

Hannah + Justin | Married

Thunderstorms woke up the entire city at 6am but the day seemed to clear up, beautiful and sunny. I visit the guys, the ladies and off we go to the meeting spot at Westmount park so that Hannah and Justin can see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Waiting in the car for Justin's limo to arrive, the sun is almost immediately swallowed up with rain clouds and it's torrential downpour. This is the moment where a photographer has to say, do we wait for it to pass? How much time do we have to wait it out, or to travel to our Plan B? This is the sort of pressure wedding photographers deal with on a weekly basis, more than once (and only 1 of the many problems we may need to solve). This pressure is exactly why I've been photographing weddings for 10 years and why I still love them. They still give me butterflies. If we weren't pushed to work under pressure, we wouldn't get striking material that is so special to us and our especially our clients.

The second major important factor that makes me proud of this day is that H+J were calm, trusting and simply happy - this was their wedding day. Why shouldn't they be. They were getting married and letting the pros do the thinking. There was a huge and incredible team that worked on this day, and we were working for them. The important thing for future brides to know is that your team works you so you can enjoy every second. H+J prove that it's so important, just look at them in these photos They'll look at these photos for their entire lives, and they won't remember any stress.

I'm honoured to work for the most fun and loving couple. Hannah, you're a beauty, the life of the party, this, and every party. Justin, I haven't known you as long as Hannah, but it's obvious you're the best man to be coupled with this lady; kind, funny and maybe just a little handsome!

Congratulations H+J!

Onsite coordinator and event planner | Blanc Events

Videography | Villa View

Venue | Parisian Laundry

Caterer | Tuck Shop

Flowers | Fleurs des Jardins

Rentals | Joes Prop HouseCelebrationsLuxe rentals and ABP

Cake | Yuki Bakery

Tent | Fiesta Tents

Photobooth | Pixi Booth

DJ | DJ Eric the Tutor

Printed material | That Sky Blue

Joelle Make Up

it's a pleasure to introduce you all to one of my absolute favourite wedding and event vendors, Joelle Cote. I've worked along side her for many years and she has offered nothing but the absolute best to our clients! Each and every one of them have raved about her services and generosity, she's a star in Montreal and I'm lucky to share so many clients with her! Often when I meet with my own I'm excited to share names of those they may want or need; people that I know, trust and love. Joelle is always at the top of my list.

Her site is getting it's make over (pun intended) and will be launched this month. To get ready for that I've decided to share a shoot we worked on together this summer prepping for it.

Joelle tackled a number of looks to share what she's capable of. In this teaser we have bridal looks, boudoir and maternity. We had a great team of models, and absolutely amazing hair stylists Meital and Kellie from The Only Chair.

Something extra I love, on top of everything, is that Joelle offers lashes and airbrush to all of her clients should they want, and brides can leave with a touch up kit. We all know touch ups are necessary after a few hours, and so often clients are left with nothing when the MUA has left. So smart!


Joelle Cote | Make up (514) 966-4665 (Website coming soon)

The Only Chair | Hair Stylists

Laurence Cote, Pamela Risvanis and Kathy Girard | Models


Jessica + Mike: Engaged

I met J+M last summer when Mike gifted a shoot to Jessica with their dog Bentley, soon after that they were engaged and we were talking about the wedding! They'll be early in my 2018 season and I'm so excited for it.

I haven't visited Pointe-du-Moulin before, or at least in my adult years, but I'm so glad the couple suggested it. The water was extra high due to the flooding, trekking around wasn't as easy as it probably is today but it made the area extra quiet and the woods extra moody.

J+M are so funny and sweet, I know they'll put together a memorable day and I'll have a blast being a part of it!

La Shop | Furniture Lifestyle shoot

Everyone who knows me on a personal level, or has been to my home, knows that my greatest hobby beyond photography is my love for reclaimed wood, rustic/industrial furniture and home decor. Therefore I couldn't imagine a company other than La Shop that I would want to team up with more! I feel incredibly lucky to have met with the owner, Guillaume Ouellette, and created this shoot, from notes on paper over coffee, to this visual reality.

We agreed that the right space was necessary to compliment the pieces and convey well the consumer La Shop often attracts. What I especially love about this furniture is how wide the target audience is; between age, gender, country, as well as city dwellers. It's lifestyle for all who keep up with trends, without worrying that the style will evolve.

La Shop gives attention to detail like no other. They are passionate and often work 6-7 days a week to meet the demand. I have a number of their pieces, which is part of the reason why I have so much pride in my space. They helped me turn my house into my home.

They've designed and are notable for some of the designs you see here, including but not limited to breath taking dinner tables, bed frames, consoles, bar stools, shelving units and more.

You want someone who is as creative and meticulous about their design as you are about your space, I cannot recommend La Shop enough!

Special thanks to Linen Chest for a large number of product you see in this shoot, Janie through AirBnB for her beautiful space and Deka Events who helped me to piece everything together.